Day Whatever
This is for the web publishing class.

Day 101
I've gotten back on the horse and actually posted something useful today. Yes, yes I do want a cookie.

Day 93
Apparently, I still haven't lost track of the date of my first update. Assuming I didn't forget which months have "31sts" on the calendar that non-enlightened people use, it's day 93 of year 0 here at
My calendar sensibly has a year 0 so that people who wish to celebrate millenial dates can properly do so in the year 1000. Keep that in mind when considering your future timekeeping needs.

Anyway, I wrote a bit more about music today, and since I spent most of today properly updating some of the documents I might wish to post as technical articles, I'm think that by day 95 or so, I might have something I wouldn't be ashamed to show another person.

Day 6
Eventually, I'll lose track of what day it is, but today is Day 6. Either that, or I'll decide that October 26th 2005 is Day 1, Year 0 on the Laker calendar. That would be good too. The design of the site is still being tweaked. I'm working on recreating some of the things I've written for my students or customers as web pages right now. I'm not ready to unveil those things just yet, but I have the foundation of a few more tech articles on hand.
I wrote a bit more about music today. 

Day 3
Content at last. I felt inclined to write something about a CD I'm enjoying. right now. I'd really like to thank my friend Buck for all his help with my first web site. I also wrote the first of what I hope will be many short technical articles today. I'm not done with it, but it's substantial enough to post.

Day 1
Welcome to my web site. There isn't much to do here right now. You'll have to live with that. Were I slightly less lazy, there would be content here. 
Do you want a boat load of useless paper or years of practical experience? As it happens I have both.

This site consists of computer related discussions and the occassional bit of computer news. Mostly it is the place where I hang out with my friends.
Redhill has been documenting the advancement of computer technology for many years now. Combined with excellent technical information, the anecdotal writings of our Aussie friend is worth your time. Please navigate to their hardware guide.