Just a few simple things to say about this site, and about myself.
I firmly believe in function over form.  Text is functional. I know full well that not everyone sees the world the same way I do, but if I had my way, I wouldn't even bother setting colors or headings. If you ask me, plain text is all anyone really needs.  
At the same time, I'm well aware that I need to present any information on my web site in a professional manner, especially if I want anyone to actually read the things I might put online. I had help with that here from someone with much better design sense than I'd ever have on my own. I really do like this layout. 
I'm not terribly fond of graphics on web pages (unless they are pictures of partially-clothed women). I spend over a decade on a 9600bps dialup connection to the internet, and I sympathize with everyone who still lives in the dialup world. Graphics shall be kept to a minimum, and will be thumbnailed if they're over 100kb when viewed at full size.

Do you want a boat load of useless paper or years of practical experience? As it happens I have both.

This site consists of computer related discussions and the occassional bit of computer news. Mostly it is the place where I hang out with my friends.
Redhill has been documenting the advancement of computer technology for many years now. Combined with excellent technical information, the anecdotal writings of our Aussie friend is worth your time. Please navigate to their hardware guide.