Updated February 2, 2005

How to manually fix Spyware Problems with Hijack This.
A quick tutorial for securing shared files and folders on Windows computers.
Here's a short article about using BitTorrent. It is a work in progress.

In the near future I'll be adapting some of the things I've written on StorageForum to short articles. I've been working on an introductory document for first-time Firefox users, and I'll probably also write up a document describing the Firefox Extensions I use most regularly. 
Do you want a boat load of useless paper or years of practical experience? As it happens I have both.

This site consists of computer related discussions and the occassional bit of computer news. Mostly it is the place where I hang out with my friends.
Redhill has been documenting the advancement of computer technology for many years now. Combined with excellent technical information, the anecdotal writings of our Aussie friend is worth your time. Please navigate to their hardware guide.